Custom Cables

Do you simply need a cable or group of cables to connect between two points and can’t find what you need locally? No problem at all! We can build any cable you need.

We Stock

  • Super finely stranded tinned Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Cable
    • 2/0 AWG, 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 4 AWG, 6 AWG, and 8 AWG
    • Available in Translucent Red and Translucent Black
    • Learn all about our cable and what makes it better!
  • Super Thick tinned Copper Eyelets in 3/0 AWG, 2/0 AWG, 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 4 AWG, 6 AWG, and 8 AWG
  • Super Thick tinned Copper 45 and 90 degree Eyelets in 2/0 AWG, 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 4 AWG and 6 AWG
  • Thin Walled tinned Copper eyelets in Straight, Left, and Right in 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 4 AWG and 6 AWG
  • Battery Terminals of all conceivable types for top and side post applications
  • Split Loom Tubing
  • Split Braided Tubing
  • Hi-Temperature Wire Covering
  • Boots for Eyelets and Battery Terminals
  • Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink in numerous thicknesses

Let Us Build Your Custom Cables to Your Specifications!

We can build exactly what you need and have it in your hands quickly.  Before you go down to the local auto parts store and grab a pair of pre-made generic cables and spend half a day trying to make them work in your application, give us the chance to build something to suit your needs exactly. We have nearly every conceivable style of battery clamp in stock. We also use super finely stranded Pure OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) battery cable that meets the American Wire Gauge (AWG) specification, is extremely flexible, and tinned for corrosion resistance. Finally, we can dress it in split loom tubing, split braided tubing, and/or hi-temperature sheathing.

Custom cables are built based on your specifications, so they require 100% prepayment before we build them. There are no refunds for custom cables under any circumstance!

Examples of our Work

What Information Do We Need to Fab Up a Set of Custom Battery Cables for Your Project?

Custom battery cables are made on demand and require the following information from you in order to quote them:

  • Year, Make, and Model of Vehicle
  • Displacement & Compression of Engine
  • Gauge of stock cables (if any)
  • Length of stock positive (+) cable
  • Diameter of hole in lug that connects to starter or starter solenoid
  • Length of stock large gauge negative (-) cable
  • Diameter of hole in lug that connects to engine block or frame
  • Length of stock small gauge negative (-) cable, typically from battery negative (-) to fender
  • Battery Terminal desired

As custom battery cables are built based on specifications that you will be asked to provide they require 100%, non-refundable prepayment before we build them.

Please Contact Us¬†with the above information and we’ll be happy to quote you.

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Heat Shrink Tubing
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Eyelets and Eyelet Boots
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