Marine Products

Everything found here has been designed and / or approved for use in Marine applications. [Salt water vessels do have additional considerations.] As such, each of these products is right at home in Side by Sides, UTVs, ATVs, and Off-road applications.

Look for the term Ignition Protected when choosing fuses or circuit breakers which will be used in closed engine compartments. Such components have been designed in such a way that they will not ignite air rich in fuel on failure.

For your benefit, we’ve included all information available to us from the manufacture on ISO, UL, SAE, and other specifications and compliances. You will find this, where applicable, under the Description header for each of the below products.

Battery Cable

Our finely stranded tinned Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Battery Cable is dry rated for between -40 to 105 deg C, wet rated for up to 75 deg C, and is BC-5W2 Marine Compliant.

Eyelets & Battery Terminals

All of our Eyelets and Battery Terminals are Tin-Plated, Stannum Plated, or Plated Brass to resist oxidation & corrosion.

Custom Cables

All custom cables we assemble in-house are assembled with our Battery Cable using only tin-plated eyelets and battery terminals which are insulated with adhesive lined heat shrink tubing. They’ll last years in the harshest of environments. You can spec and order such cables via our Custom Cable Builder tool.

Circuit Protection
Waterproof Power Distribution Centers (PDCs)

We carry a full line of compact Waterproof Power Distribution Centers which house Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Relays, and Diodes. Some are stand alone while others can be interlocked for larger projects. Each offers a lot of utility in not much space and is completely waterproof.

Here is an example of such a unit we designed and assembled for a local customer’s boat.