Our Customers

The following are examples of how our customers have put our products to use in their vehicles.

Customer Installations

Jon’s 1990 Honda Accord

Jon's 1990 Honda Accord

Jon installed one of our Charging System Upgrade Kits here to improve the performance of the factory charging system.

CE Auto Electric Supply’s Charging System Upgrade Kit was a snap to install. Came with all the pieces and parts you could imagine for any installation imaginable. Clear and precise instructions. Couldn’t be more pleased with the results. – Jon, Nampa, Idaho

Read Jon’s complete step-by-step write-up with photos.

Bill’s 1955 Ford Customline

Bill's 1955 Ford Customline

This stunning example of ingenuity is a labor of love. Bill converted the factory 6 Volt charging system to a 12 Volt charging system and has dropped in a Ford small block V8 with some horsepower!

CE Auto is the best supplier I’ve worked with yet. With large and small projects, Tony answers questions and gets back to me with thoughts and ideas that work. – Bill, LaMesa, CA

Have a look at the pictures of his installation so far.

Rob’s 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle

Rob's 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle

We met Rob at a local car show. He’s a perfectionist to the nth degree, and has spent a ton of time fabricating all kinds of parts to make his 600+ hp 468ci Big Block Chevelle bullet proof!

I’ve been buying automotive accessories for 20 plus years. Yours are the best thought out of any I’ve ever purchased – everything works together so well! – Rob, Mesa, AZ

Check out the pictures of his incredibly thorough installation!

Laura’s 1972 Chevrolet Nova

Laura's 1972 Chevrolet Nova

This gorgeous Pro Street Nova is Laura’s pride and joy. Laura is a regular at all the shows in the Phoenix area and she keeps this car spotless.

Our great friend Motor Mike is responsible for the impeccable workmanship, and detail on this one.

Don’t miss the pictures of Laura’s completed installation.

1961 Corvette

1961 Corvette

This ‘vette is undergoing a pretty good make-over. Motor Mike is overhauling the electrical system and installing power steering. He’s already updated the cooling system, and converted to disc brakes.

CE Auto Electric is my go to for electrical. I have them build custom cables and specialized harnesses for my customer’s vehicles to my specs and have been very happy. – Motor Mike, Mesa, AZ

Have a gander at the pictures of the completed electrical installation.

Robert’s 1970 Chevelle

Robert's 1970 Chevelle

Robert is among our VERY first customers in the Phoenix area. His super-clean Big Block ’70 Chevelle was the basis for several of our installation manuals! (Thanks Robert!)

Robert’s Chevelle is equipped with one of our Charging System Upgrade Kits, a Vehicle Grounding Kit, a Headlight Relay Kit, and a Fan Relay Kit.

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned to this page as we add additional customer vehicles. YES, we’d love to feature your vehicle!




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