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  1. I have been working on a ‘61 Ford Falcon old school hot rod/pro-tour/resto-mod project for over two years now. It is coming along nicely but I have been dreading the wiring the entire time. I had only a very basic knowledge of automotive wiring. The original wiring was a rat’s nest so highly deteriorated I had no choice but to rip it out and start from scratch but I really didn’t know where to start. I had originally planned on using a twelve circuit universal harness from one of the big national speed equipment suppliers – you know, every wire labeled and color-coded with instructions so complete any idiot could do it, right?
    Well, I downloaded the instructions and quickly realized that, not only were the instructions not very detailed, but even with my limited knowledge I was able to recognize the complete absence of any relays, the inadequately sized wiring, and the daisy-chained and piggy-backed circuits.
    So I went back to square one and started doing some research. That’s when I found your web-site. I knew your name and reputation and was impressed by the obvious quality of the products you offer. So I ordered up one of your books, read it thoroughly, did a little additional on-line research and it was like a giant light bulb going off in my head. Next thing I knew I was placing an order with you for the parts and supplies I needed to begin this project. The advice you offered when I was placing the order was priceless. The order was well packaged and arrived promptly, and the quality of the supplies you sent was beyond excellent.
    I have enclosed a photo of the main panel I am building that is almost complete and has amazed my gear-head buddies, including one who has been a commercial electrician for thirty years. I am quite proud of the way this wiring project is going and feel like I know exactly what I am doing and exactly what needs to be done to finish the entire car. I no longer dread any part of the project, in fact look forward to the next steps toward completion, and no longer live in fear of watching all my hard work on this car go up in smoke the first time I turn it on.
    I will be calling you soon to order the rest of the items I will need to finish up. Thank you so much for everything!

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