MEGA Elbow Eyelets


MEGA Elbow Eyelets are perfect for cables which need to turn down or up when using Military Style Battery Terminals.  They’re also handy for limited clearance terminations where it isn’t possible to connect straight on to a stud or battery terminal.  All have 3/8″ holes.

The ferrules on these are extra long, providing great crimp area for low resistance terminations.  Specifications, heat shrink, and tools below.



1/0 AWG – 10.5 mm ID cable entry
2/0 AWG – 12.5mm ID cable entry

We recommend our 3/4″ ID MEGA Heat Shrink for these eyelets (2″ lengths if buying it pre-cut).

We recommend our XL Hand Held Hex Crimping Tool for making industry spec crimps on our MEGA Elbow Eyelets.


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