It Runs Hot . . .

Over the years, I’ve discussed this topic more often than any other with hot-rodders. I’ve proclaimed on multiple times in my books that the electrical system was the foundation for a properly functioning cooling system, etc. Fast forward to 2023 and I’m unable to point enthusiasts to a single source, written by a knowledgeable individual, which ecompasses the whole enchilada. So, here goes. But, be forewarned – many of you won’t like much of what you’ll read here as it goes against conventional wisdom.

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Getting Grounded

Note: This originally appeared in Volume 2, Number 2 of Street Rod Life Magazine.

Let’s start with the basics. Electrically speaking, ground is a point of commonality and nothing more. Since no automobile that I’ve seen has a rod driven into the ground next to it, where is ground in your car? Ask ten enthusiasts where ground is in their car and they’ll immediately point to the negative battery terminal. Are they correct? No. Let me explain.

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Custom Cable Builders – Tips & Tricks

Thank you for considering CE Auto Electric Supply to build cables to your specifications for your project!  To streamline the process, we’ve spent hundreds of hours developing the following tools:

All can be easily accessed via the Custom Cables menu above. Each allows you to quickly design and order cables to fit your application perfectly!  In addition, you’re able to see each cable come together live as you build it.  Furthermore, the very image you see of your cable design is exported to your invoice when you click the ADD TO CART button and it’s what our production team builds from.  The entire process is simple, and you get exactly what you see – whether on a desktop, tablet, or your phone.  No other company is as serious about custom cables as we are!

Our custom cable builders allow you to build nearly any conceivable type of cable.  Of course, there are seemingly endless approaches.  Here are some guidelines that will help you to utilize them.

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