Vehicle Grounding Kits

Vehicle Grounding Kits

Product Improvement – All Kits Now Include Translucent Black Ground Cables!

Over the years, we’ve seen a LOT of problems due to poor or inadequate grounding, especially when an engine swap is performed. We can tell you with confidence that only a very small percentage of customized vehicles are grounded properly.

Poor grounding leads to all kinds of difficult-to-troubleshoot problems. Poor grounding can also promote electrolysis, which can lead to the failure of a very expensive aluminum radiator, the heater core, head gaskets, or intake gaskets.

So, what’s REALLY the correct way to ground your vehicle?

Our Vehicle Grounding Kits have been designed to eliminate the guesswork and provide you with exactly the parts you need to get the job done right the first time.

Grounding Kit for Domestic Vehicles with Top-Post Batteries
Grounding Kit for Domestic Vehicles with Top-Post Batteries pictured. Other kits differ slightly; please refer to the specifics of each kit.

Our Vehicle Grounding Kits

  • Ensure that your high-performance ignition system delivers all that it is capable of!
  • Ensure that your starter has a low resistance return path to vehicle ground!
  • Ensure that all electrical components and electronic accessories have a low resistance return path to vehicle ground, including current-hungry electric cooling fans!
  • Are a vital component in preventing electrolysis damage to cooling system components!
  • Are ideal for vehicles with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) conversions.

We offer them for domestic or import vehicles with front or rear located batteries. They’re super simple to install with regular hand tools, and they WORK!

What’s Included

Each kit includes:

  • An assortment of pre-made ground cables
  • Grade 5 hardware, including zinc plated internal/external star washers for every mechanical connection, ensuring a trouble free installation for years to come!
  • Full color step-by-step instructions

Our kits include every single thing you need to do this job the correct way the first time around. How do we know? Because we’re tired of chasing these parts down too, so we’ve included them in the kit! They are the only such kits available at any price, and we can assure you that you won’t find a better quality kit.

Kit Construction

Each and every kit is built in house to exacting specifications. We use the very best cable we can get our hands on – our own!  It meets full American Wire Gauge (AWG) specification, is pure OFC copper, and tinned for corrosion resistance. Specifically, our cable has the following strand count:

  • 1/0 AWG Cable – 4,704 strands!
  • 2 AWG Cable – 2,989 strands!
  • 4 AWG Cable – 1,862 strands!
  • 8 AWG Cable – 735 strands!

The fine strand construction and soft jacket offer excellent flexibility, far superior to standard battery cable! We custom make each cable in house. Building the best cable requires the best parts. All eyelets used in the construction of our cables are the most heavy duty in the industry. They have up to twice as much copper weight as standard copper lugs, longer barrels, which permit better crimping, and are tin-plated to resist corrosion. These are simply the best quality eyelets we can find, and they are ideal for high-current applications! All eyelets are insulated with adhesive-lined heat shrink, which prevents battery acid or oxidation from entering the connection itself.

Custom Kits

Do you have a unique vehicle that requires special grounding requirements and don’t see a kit listed that will cover your needs? No problem, we’ll custom build it for you. Contact us directly for specifics.

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