Automotive Electrical Performance Projects

Automotive Electrical Performance Projects Back Cover
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Automotive Electrical Performance Projects Front Cover
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Published: August, 2011
Publisher: CarTech Books
ISBN 10: 1934709559
ISBN 13: 9781934709559
Product ID: SA209
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 500 Full Color Photos and Diagrams

Winner of a Silver International Automotive Media Award for 2011 in the Technical/How-to Book Writing category!

Automotive Electrical Performance Projects is Tony Candela’s second book. This text takes what the reader learned in Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems and puts it to work to complete 14 popular automotive electrical projects – each outlined in step-by-step fashion.

What’s Inside

Projects Start Out Easy

Project 1 – Adding an Interior Light Circuit
Project 2 – Adding Turn Signal and High-Beam LED Indicators

Learn how to determine if circuits are performing optimally and how to repair them if not…

Project 3 – Servicing a 40 Year Old Headlight System
Project 4 – Upgrading a 40 Year Old Headlight System
Project 7 – Evaluating the Performance of Electric Cooling Fans
Project 8 – Optimizing the Performance of Electric Cooling Fans
Project 9 – Determining the Output of an Alternator
Project 10 – Upgrading the Alternator

Learn how to complete a variety of projects that add functionality…

Project 6 – Install a Complete Set of State of the Art Fully Electronic Gauges
Project 11 – Relocating the Battery to the Trunk . . . Safely!

Fluke 87 and Fluke 88 In Action
Upgrading the Alternator
Upgrade To EFI On Any Engine
Install a Complete EFI System
Servicing Headlights
Optimizing the Performance of Headlights

Learn how to tackle an electrical project of any scale…

Project 12 – Install a Complete Auxiliary Power System. This project covers the installation of an entire auxiliary power system to power a host of aftermarket accessories – 1968 Pontiac GTO illustrated.
Project 13 – Install a Complete Aftermarket Wiring Harness. This project covers the installation of:

  • A universal rear-located 18 circuit wiring harness
  • Two auxiliary fuse panels and relay centers required to cover the host of modern conveniences
  • The adaptation of a pair of CanBus power seats from a 2005 CLK55 AMG!
  • A 10 Channel Keyless Entry System for complete automation
  • And so much more!
  • 1941 Willys Coupe illustrated – an all fiberglass body!

Project 14 – Install a Complete Aftermarket Electronic Fuel Injection System. This project covers:

  • Upgrading the Fuel System
  • Upgrading the Ignition System
  • Upgrading the Charging System
  • Installation of the EFI Components, Sensors, and Wiring Harness
  • The Tuning Process on a Chassis Dyno
  • 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass with a roots blown BBC illustrated

Whether you’re an enthusiast or a seasoned automotive technician, Automotive Electrical Performance Projects makes the perfect addition to your toolbox!

Automotive Electrical Performance Projects is now out of print. Please order the revised book, Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems Volume2: Projects.