Battery Relocation Kits

Have you considered relocating the battery to the rear of your vehicle? This is popular for a variety of reasons. You can free up room in the engine compartment, move weight from the front of the vehicle to the rear where it can assist in traction, etc. What if your vehicle has a rear-located Master Battery Disconnect Switch? No problem. We have you covered! We offer a complete selection of:

  • Battery Relocation Kits – the nicest and most complete kits on the market!
  • Deluxe Battery Relocation Kits – add Complete Electrical Protection!
  • Master ON/OFF Add-On Kits – perfect for vehicles with rear-located Master Battery Disconnects!
  • Battery Disconnect Switches
  • Battery Boxes
  • Exciter Disconnect Harness Kit

We build EVERY battery relocation kit in-house to exacting specifications. Each kit comes with a complete assortment of hardware and full color step-by-step installation instructions. Why spend all weekend chasing down impossible to find parts when you can install our kit and be done with it?

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