Custom Cable Builders

Custom Cable Builders

We build hundreds of custom cables each month for customers all over the world. Our original Custom Cable Builder changed the industry by streamlining the process. Now we have multiple versions which allow you to build nearly any conceivable kind of cable. Simple cables can be built and ordered in seconds, complex ones in just minutes!

If you’re not familiar with our Custom Cable Builders, start with the Custom Cable Builder 2.0 – as it covers the largest variety of possibilities. If you require cables dressed in our split braided sleeving, hi-temperature wire covering, or both, our Aftermarket Battery Terminal Cable Builder and Multi-Cable Builder both offer this option.

Visit our Custom Cables page for many examples of cables we’ve built for other customers over the years. Want to see just how we’ll build your cables – our Custom Cables – The Story page shows it in great detail.

We wrote the book on Automotive Wiring.


Founder Tony Candela has three award winning automotive electrical books in print. Each is perfect for do-it-your-selfers or seasoned professionals that want to really understand how to approach and complete a wiring task of any scale. In addition, his third book, EFI Conversions, How to Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection, is an excellent reference for anyone contemplating the conversion.



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