Fan Relay Kits

Fan Relay Kits

CE Auto Electric Supply has been working on these kits behind the scenes for several years now.  The problem that we’ve found with every kit we’ve looked at is excessive voltage drop plain and simple.  Voltage lost between the source of power and the fan is wasted as heat.  Why waste power as heat when that same power can be put to work to spin the fans faster and cool the engine better?

Want to know just how well your existing arrangement works?  No problem – download our FREE Fan Performance Worksheet to simply and easily evaluate it!

We offer two types of kits – those for vehicles with carburetors and those for vehicles with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).  Each is specific to the application.


These are designed for vehicles with carburetors with or without air conditioning.  These kits include a high quality Painless Wiring thermostatic switch that is mounted in the intake manifold or cylinder head.  Triggering is fully automatic.

  • Basic Trigger – triggering is via the thermostatic switch and via the air conditioning
  • Deluxe Trigger – a dash mounted switch offers ON/OFF/Auto options in addition to triggering via the air conditioning


These are designed for vehicles with Electronic Fuel Injection, OEM or aftermarket.  Triggering is also fully automatic.  Depending on the type of EFI system you’re running, the fans can also be programmed to be turned on independently of each other at different temperatures.

  • Positive Trigger – these kits are designed to work with ECUs that output a positive (+) fan trigger.  This includes OEM or OEM style harnesses with a built-in fan relay which is too small for the task at hand.
  • Negative Trigger – these kits are designed to work with ECUs that output a negative (-) fan trigger.  This includes most of the aftermarket EFI offerings from all of the major manufacturers.

The Secret Sauce

Our Fan Relay Kits are painstakingly built in-house by hand in an effort to provide more CFM from your cooling fans and less heat in the wiring and terminations.  To that end, we:

Dual Fan Relay Kit Carbureted -Deluxe
70A Dual Fan Relay Kit for Carbureted Vehicles with Deluxe Trigger
  • Use OEM spec tin-plated terminals with internal tangs designed to provide maximum contact area to the relays and fuses
  • Crimp and solder all of the high current connections in the PDC and fan connectors to ensure minimal voltage drop
  • Dress the harnesses in our Split Braided Tubing to provide a show car finish

Our competitors use 12 AWG wiring at best and inexpensive brass terminals.  12 AWG wiring is simply inadequate for any fan that requires more than 20A continuously – and that includes 12″, 13″, 14″ and 16″ models from many manufacturers.  We use 10 AWG TXL full-spec pure copper wiring in the construction of all of our kits – rated to power even the baddest 16″ fans on the market for hours on end!  Brass terminals are cheaper than OEM spec tin-plated terminals and can be made of thinner stock.  As a result, they have higher resistance and as a result generate greater heat.

The net result are fan relay kits that deliver!  We even provide typical voltage drop measurements through the kits in our specifications – how many manufacturers do that?

Each kit is fully waterproof and based around our Waterproof PDCs.  All kits are also as plug and play as we could design them.  The net result is that they can be installed in your vehicle with minimal effort and you’ll be able to achieve the very same results we can here!

Your fans will have never worked harder than after installing our kit!

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