Big 3 Upgrade Kits

Product Improvement – All Kits Now Include Translucent Black Ground Cables!

The most popular car audio upgrade in the world: the Big 3! We’ve been doing this LONG before it even had a name (think 1990 or so), so it only made sense that we’d build and offer the best kit money can buy!

“Outstanding. Parts were incredibly well constructed and you clearly did your homework. My grizzled old mechanic was very impressed and that takes some doing. The car overall now is just running better as well. This wasn’t just an audio fix, it was an electrical system fix. Thanks for making such a great product.” – Ryan F., Greenfield, WI

Read The Truth About the Big 3 Upgrade to learn the real benefits of a Big 3 Upgrade and understand exactly why we do it the way we do.

“All top notch and worth every penny. You will not be disappointed.” – David B., Orlando, FL

Our Big 3 Upgrade Kits address the following:

  • Upgrade the charge lead from the alternator output stud to the battery
  • Upgrade the return path between the alternator and vehicle ground
  • Upgrade the return path between the battery negative (-) and the vehicle ground
  • Provide a low resistance return path for high current amplifiers

We offer Big 3 Upgrade Kits in 2/0 AWG, 1/0 AWG, and 2 AWG for Top Post Batteries and Side Post Batteries. If you own a vehicle with a rear mounted battery, we can custom build a kit to suit you.

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