Author - Tony Candela

The Olds’ – Part 2

The Olds' at the Pavilions in 2021.

The Book Connection

The first book was published in April of 2009. It sold it's first year's forecast in about 6mos. As this was the first book I'd ever had...

The Olds’ – 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass (OLDZCUL)

The Olds' - As it Appeared in July of 2007 I grew up watching car movies. Ya' know the kind - American Graffiti, Vanishing Point, Bullitt, The Wraith (definitely at the drive-in), etc. But two movies really...

It Runs Hot . . .

Over the years, I’ve discussed this topic more often than any other with hot-rodders. I’ve proclaimed on multiple times in my books that the electrical system was the foundation for a properly functioning cooling system, etc....



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