Custom Cables – The Story

I started CE Auto Electric Supply in 2011. From the moment I started the company, we’ve built custom cables of all kinds for projects of all kinds and for customers of all kinds, including multiple vehicle manufacturers. We build custom battery cables, winch cables, inverter cables, audio cables, etc. In the past, this process was lengthy with an interview required to get the specifics.

Today, that’s all changed!

Our Custom Cable Builder allows you to easily build cables in all of the popular configurations, see a full color photo of each cable, including your specifics and dimensions, and purchase them.

Let’s talk a bit about Custom Cables, shall we?

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The Truth About the Big 3 Upgrade

Wow! There seems to be a ton of misinformation about this topic around. I’ve seen and heard some pretty far-fetched stuff. Keep in mind that all of our Big 3 Upgrade Kits are a direct reflection of our findings in regards to measured performance and our thirty years of experience in upgrading vehicle charging systems, not something we read on the internet.

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The Value Proposition and Pride of Ownership

The Value Proposition and Pride of Ownership

Many years ago, while managing a car audio store in North Little Rock, AR (that seems like a lifetime ago now!), I learned two valuable lessons from a customer.  Let me explain.

One day in the spring of 1996, a gentleman of maybe 40 walks into our store and asks to see our selection of 100 watt stereo power amplifiers.  We had several amplifiers that met that criteria, three on active display.  The prices on these amplifiers were $199.00, $299.00, and $519.00.  He listened to each powering a pair of speakers that were similar to the ones in his vehicle.  After he listened, he asks, “Do you have a lay-a-way program?”  I confirmed that we did and he proceeded to pull out $150.00 and put a deposit down on the amplifier that he deemed best – the $519.00 Rockford Fosgate Punch 100×2. Continue reading “The Value Proposition and Pride of Ownership”

Battery Disconnects 101

One of the most common questions we field is,  “Which battery disconnect do I need?” In order to determine that, you need to know how you intended to use it. There are two main purposes:

  1. Disconnect the battery when storing the vehicle. This convenience allows you to store the vehicle for an extended period of time without worry of the battery running flat due to parasitic draw of the accessories . ECUs, BCMs, PCMs, radios, clocks, etc. all draw a very small amount of current with the vehicle sitting to retain settings or data.
  2. Pass tech at your local track. The NHRA and most other sanctioning bodies mandate a Battery Disconnect Switch that is clearly labeled and externally accessible for any vehicle with a battery that has been relocated to the rear of the vehicle. This affords the safety crew the ability to shut off a running engine and disconnect power to the vehicle’s accessories in the event of a crash, rollover, etc.

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