Cable Covering & Dressing

Cable Covering & Dressing

When completing your wiring project, it’s always advisable to sheath all under hood or under vehicle cables or harnesses to protect them. This also gives them a clean finished look. We offer split loom tubing and split braided tubing. Both are easily installed without any special tools required, although the split braided tubing is a bit tedious.

Under Hood Kits

If you intend to run the main power cable through the firewall and then through the interior of your vehicle, these are the kits for you. Either includes 6 feet of tubing and adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to finish the ends nicely, which is ideal to protect the run of cable under the hood to the firewall.

Under Vehicle Kits

If you intend to run the main power cable under the vehicle and then up through the floor, these are the kits for you. Each includes an appropriate length of tubing, Adel Clamps, and Grade 5 mounting hardware. Our Under Vehicle Kits are super easy to install and provide an excellent way for you to protect and anchor the main power cable.

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