Lugs / Ring Terminals for Large Gauge Cable

MEGA Eyelets are the real deal: a man’s eyelet in a world of cheap imposters. MEGA eyelets provide incredibly low resistance connections and are three times as beefy as hardware store eyelets.

When correctly installed, MEGA Eyelets provide a lifetime termination.

MEGA Eyelets are made from super-thick barrel stock, tin-plated to resist corrosion, and crimp-tool coded. These can be crimped or soldered. Made in the USA.

Need the correct crimp tool for these? You can find the correct crimp tool and other essentials on our Tools Page.

To make your life simple, we’ve provided heat shrink and eyelet boot recommendations for each of the below eyelets on their respective pages.

Straight MEGA Eyelets

Bent & Elbow MEGA Eyelets

Our 45-Degree MEGA Eyelets, 90-Degree MEGA Eyelets, and MEGA Elbow Eyelets are perfect for tight clearance applications!

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