Rob’s 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle

Rob is a perfectionist and well versed in CAD. Much of what you see in these pics has been fabricated by him to his exacting specifications. We’re proud that Rob chose us for the following parts and components:

  • Both Wiring Books
  • Custom 1/0 AWG Dual Battery Relocation Kit
  • 1/0 AWG Master ON/OFF Add-On Kit
  • Headlight Relay Kit
  • Vehicle Grounding Kit
  • Custom Dual Fan Relay Kit for that gorgeous Ron Davis Radiator!
  • Custom Tranny Cooler Fan Relay Kit
  • Mechman 6 Phase 170 Amp Alternator
  • ATC Fuse Panels, Relays, Split Braided Tubing, Hi-Temp Wire Sheathing, Custom Cables, etc.

Click on any of the pictures to view a high resolution version.

This era of A-Bodies also has a lot of real estate above the passenger kick panel (as illustrated in Chapter 7 of Automotive Electrical Performance Projects). Rob utilized this location to mount the relays for all of his high current accessories. Notice the custom made relay bracket – wow! This came out really nice!

UPDATE – 09/22/13: Rob’s Chevelle is nearly complete! Check out his SUPER CLEAN work! He’s taken his time on every aspect of the build and it shows! Rob did elect to update nearly all of the fuel system since he submitted his original pictures.

Awesome Work Rob! I look forward to cruising with you this fall! Thank you very much for your business!



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