Master ON/OFF Add-On Kits

Master On/Off Add-on Kits
Master On/Off Add-on Kits

Many sanctioning bodies require the use of a Master ON/OFF battery disconnect switch for any vehicle competing with a rear located battery. This allows their safety team to quickly disconnect power to all vehicle accessories as well as turn off a running engine in the event of an accident.

Our Master ON/OFF Add-On Kits are compatible with 1- or 3-wire alternators, regardless of the brand.

Our 47-piece kit is the most comprehensive available at any price!

Search the ‘net for master on/off kits, and you’ll find that nearly everyone has a different approach to the topic. Our kits have been designed to eliminate the guesswork and make the installation a snap. These kits DO NOT INCLUDE the battery disconnect switch itself, but we offer battery disconnect switches separately.

Master ON/OFF Add-On Kit Specifics

The Best Cable

We use the very best cable we can get our hands on – our own!  It meets full American Wire Gauge (AWG) specification, is Pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), and tinned for corrosion resistance. Other companies use Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) cable in an effort to reduce cost. CCA has 30-40% greater resistance per foot than OFC, so while it may be cheaper, it also comes at the expense of performance.

Battery CableSpecifically, our OFC cable has the following strand count:

  • 1/0 AWG Cable – 4,704 strands!
  • 2 AWG Cable – 2,989 strands!
  • 4 AWG Cable – 1,862 strands!
  • 8 AWG Cable – 735 strands!

The fine-strand construction and soft jacket offer excellent flexibility, far superior to standard battery cable and better than the best welding cable!

The Best Parts

We custom assemble all cables in house, and building the best cable requires the best parts. All eyelets used in the construction of our cables are the heaviest duty in the industry. They have up to twice as much copper weight as standard copper lugs, longer barrels, which permit better crimping, and are tin-plated to resist corrosion. These are simply the best quality eyelets we can find and they are ideal for high current applications!

Standard Copper Eyelet vs. Thick Tinned Eyelet
Standard Copper Eyelet vs. Thick Tinned Eyelet
Standard Copper Eyelet vs. Thick Tinned Eyelet (Standing)
Standard Copper Eyelet vs. Thick Tinned Eyelet
Installed Eyelet with Super-Thick Adhesive-Lined Heat Shrink
Installed Eyelet with Super-Thick Adhesive-Lined Heat Shrink
All eyelets are installed via our crimping press and insulated with the thickest adhesive lined heat shrink available. This super-thick adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing prevents battery acid or oxidation from entering the connection itself.

Additionally, we include a complete assortment of Grade 5 Hardware with each kit. You’ll have every single thing you need to get the job done right the first time. We guarantee it!

Step By Step Full Color Instructions

Each kit includes complete step-by-step instructions in full color so that your installation goes smoothly! They’re super easy to install and require only common hand tools to install them.

Which Kit Do You Need?

We offer kits for both our Standard and Deluxe Battery Relocation Kits. Our 1/0 AWG kits are designed for alternators making up to 200 Amps. The 2 AWG kits are designed for alternators making up to 150 Amps, and the 4 AWG kits are designed for alternators making up to 100 Amps. They are all compatible with any of our battery relocation kits. Simply choose the add-on kit based on your alternator’s output rating.

You absolutely, positively will not have to run to the hardware store to install these kits. How do we know? Simple. We’ve actually installed them ourselves.