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  1. I ordered the 1/0 awg battery cable kit for my 05 Duramax, shipping was fast. Instructions were clear and helpful. Installation was straight forward and not difficult. I somehow lost one of the small ground cables and ordered a replacement, customer service is excellent! The truck starts better than it ever has, power windows are better, heated seats warm up faster, and the transmission shifts smoother. I’m very pleased with this kit! Worth every penny! I highly recommend this kit, 5 out 5 stars!

  2. I spent a lot of time trying to source battery cables for a 2003 Dodge. None of the local shops were able to provide a solution that was anywhere close to original. With no additional information, CE Auto was able to ship replacement parts that were a perfect match for my truck. Installation was effortless.



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  4. Great quality build and supreme cables. I ordered the custom cables that fit perfectly for my application (super convenient). Great craftsmanship and top of the line quality materials! Much love to you guys from Detroit

  5. It is so nice to see quality! I couldn’t get my wife too excited about my battery cable kit for my Ram 3500. But all my guy friends understood. Did I mention quality? No buyers remorse here. Not only does my 2005 start faster than it ever has, shifts out nicer too. I may not can afford the diesel to put in it, but I know that 5.9 is going to start. Outstanding job Mr. Candela!

  6. I will go out of my way to do business with CE Auto Electric Supply, again, if need to be. I had a 93 Dodge 1st Gen, cables and clamps needed replaced. Went with CE option, to send it and get it refurbished and they were returned top quality and I sent them in on a Thursday and he was working on Saturday to support his next day returned policy. They were returned on spec and all the accessories were top quality and also mirrored up, to what I had to do for re-installation. Good job and keep up the good work. I typically do not take the time to do a review, but the customer service I received and the product were worthy of taking the time. Thank you.

  7. Tony’s book ” Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems as an absolute MUST read for anyone working on auto electrics. Whether making repairs or adding accessories, Tony clearly explains and shows all important details needed to do wiring right to first time and every time. He clearly explains and makes simple the math needed to determine wire/component requirements for a successful completion of a wiring project. Even for those who have knowledge of basic auto electrics, Tony’s book helps advance one to the next level. His second book, “Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems book Two, builds on the knowledge builds on the knowledge gained form the first book. These books have allowed me to make many repairs or add accessories to vehicles for friends, family and those in the car club. I highly recommend them.

  8. I recommend these guys for anything. I bought their battery cable set for 99 ram and couldn’t have been happier with the quality and ease of installment. They labeled all the cables and sent zip ties and not the crappy ones either

  9. I purchased a headlight relay kit for an 88 ford aerostar which were notorious for overheating the headlight switch in the dash and not only making the headlights dim due to resistance, had been know to prematurely burn the switch out and sometimes cause a fire. Ford never thought it was important for their customers to be bothered fixing this issue. Lots of other cars are wired this way also. Tonys harness eliminates this by rerouting the headlight amperage through relays instead of thro the switch. Tony’s workmanship and quality are in a class all by itself. He did everything possible to make the installation look good but a user friendly install by supplying every thing you need right down to the screws and zip ties. No extra trip to the hardware store.for stuff on a long week-end. Tony answered all my questions within several hours. This business is the classic ” good ole American know-how” story. This was pricey for me as I paid in Canadian dollars.. paid customs and shipping, but it was worth every penny. The harness Tony made looks like it belongs on a half a million dollar car at Sema!!

  10. I ordered a set of cables and terminals for my 2nd gen ram. All the cables were great quality and were already wrapped in loom for me. Unfortunately one of my terminals snapped when tightening it down, but I gave Tony the owner a call and the customer service was fantastic. He explained to me what the issue could be and provided a solution and sent me replacement terminals that should work better. Overall I’m happy with the kit but most of all you don’t find customer service like this anymore these days and they definitely have my business for the future, highly recommend these guys.

  11. So glad I found this website. I was looking to upgrade my alternator and all cables for my 07’ Dodge Ram 2500 5.9 Cummins and finding CE Auto Electric Supply turned out to be perfect for my project.

    Tony was extremely helpful and guided me along the way. I ended up purchasing a custom color Mechman 370A Alternator and all custom Gen 3 Dodge Diesel Truck Battery Cable kit and 2003-2009 Gen 3 Dodge Diesel Truck “Big 4” upgrade kit. I added the fabbed-up custom split braid tubing option for most of the cables as illustrated in one of his YouTube videos.

    In fact, I recommend checking out his videos (https://www.youtube.com/user/blown72olds), as well as both of his “Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems” publications before starting an automotive wiring project. Lots of helpful tips as well as things “not-to-do”.

    Well, I received the alternator and cable kits and I must say that I was extremely impressed with the quality of both the material and the workmanship. Certainly exceeded my expectations. The instructions and the additional hardware provided made this major upgrade to my electrical system doable even for an automotive wiring noob as myself.

    Everything is installed and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.

    Looking forward to ordering up a couple of custom relay/fuse panel from Tony so I can begin adding additional accessories for my off-road beast.

    Way to go CE Auto Electric Supply. Y’all hit it out of the park.
    Thanks very much!

  12. I recently ordered some Maxi fuse holders, fuses, heat shrink and butt splices. I really like the quality of your stuff, so much better than the stuff from that one very large website. You guys also have great technical support, helped me on a Sat afternoon. Its been a year or so since previously ordering from you, its great seeing you still have the quality stuff that I recvd on previous orders.

  13. Ordered cables for my 2001 Dodge Ram 2500. Online ordering was easy. Shipping was fast. Cables were labeled with which battery they went to. Saved me a lot of time trying to figure it out. The free shirt was a nice benefit.

  14. BEST customer service in the industry. I get the mom & pop feel from this company and that’s not easy to find in today’s world.
    I made a mistake in ordering and Tony caught it, contacted me to verify, and fixed my mistake. Any other company would have sent what I ordered without question. It’s not so much the cost difference and I would have found something to do with the extra parts, but it’s the attention to details and questioning what doesn’t seem normal that made the difference. That’s customer service that’s far above the industry standard.
    I really like the ability to order individual pieces and the variety of the pieces available. I know that what I get from CEAES will be quality parts. It’s one stop shopping for all my auto electrical needs, even if I don’t have the foresight to order everything I need at one time.

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