EFI Conversions: How to Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection

Published: July 2014
Publisher: CarTech Books
ISBN 10: 1613250839
ISBN 13: 9781613250839
Product ID: SA261
Pages: 144
Illustrations: 350 Full Color Photos and Diagrams

EFI Conversions: How to Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection is Tony Candela’s third book. Have you been considering an EFI upgrade for your prized possession?

With This Book In Hand

  • Understand the benefits of converting from carburetion to EFI
  • Learn how EFI works
  • Learn about the different types of EFI systems available
  • Learn how to choose the correct EFI system for your application
  • Learn how to properly install the system of your choosing in your vehicle

You’ll Learn How

  • Properly design, install, and test an EFI specific fuel system
  • Evaluate the existing charging system and improve upon it to offset the additional current demands of the EFI system
  • Set up a base tune for your vehicle
  • Fine tune the system for maximum performance
  • Use data acquisition tools
  • Put the power of an advanced ECU to work

Complete Step-by-Step Installations Are Outlined in Incredible Detail

  • MSD Atomic TBI System install on a 1964 Chevelle with a 383ci Small Block Chevy
  • Holley Dominator MPFI System install on a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass with a 455 ci Olds’

That’s Not All

In addition, the following are illustrated, also in great detail:

  • Revisiting the Holley HP-EFI system installed on the author’s 6-71 blown 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    • Rebuilding the top end of the engine and the relationship this has to the existing tune
    • Adding increased functionality
    • Converting to 14 Volt batteries
  • Repairing the installation of an incorrectly installed F.A.S.T. EZ-EFI system on a 1969 Camaro
  • Building an application specific EFI harness for a freshly built 540ci BBC with Nitrous

Nitrous applications, turbo applications, supercharged applications are all addressed.

Buy EFI Conversions Now

This book is indispensable if you’ve considered this conversion!

EFI Conversions: How to Swap your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection, autographed


This ALL NEW title takes you through the steps required to convert your vehicle to EFI!

We’ve sold our last of the full color copies.  So, you’ll get the full color cover in all its glory and the pages within are now black and white.  The content is still the very same!


At CE Auto Electric Supply, we wrote the book on Automotive Wiring…literally. EFI Conversions is perfect for do-it-your-selfers or seasoned professionals who want to really understand how to do the carburetor-to-electronic fuel injection conversion. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that this book doesn’t read like a college level physics book. Rather, it’s written from the perspective of one enthusiast to the other. Topics are presented in crystal clear fashion and hundreds of photos and diagrams supplement the text.


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