Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems, autographed

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Candela’s first book provides an excellent foundation for the beginner and seasoned pro alike!


At CE Auto Electric Supply, we wrote the book on Automotive Wiring…literally. Founder Tony Candela has two automotive electrical books in print, perfect for do-it-your-selfers or seasoned professionals who want to really understand how to approach and complete a wiring task of any scale.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that this book doesn’t read like a college level physics book. Rather, it’s written from the perspective of one enthusiast to the other. Topics are presented in crystal clear fashion and hundreds of photos and diagrams supplement the text. With this book in your tool box, you’ll be able to competently understand, diagnose, service, install, and troubleshoot nearly anything electrical.

4 reviews for Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems, autographed

  1. Peter (verified owner)

    I bought the book along with a relay headlight harness. Both products are outstanding. The book is easy to follow along and the explanations are clear and understandable. The book is worth buying to use as a reference while working on a project.
    Two thumbs up👍👍 and 5 stars!

  2. Mark Botzki

    Tony’s books are outstanding in their ability to bring comprehension to the subject of automotive wiring. Volume 1 is full of detailed descriptions of Electrical Principles, without ever losing it’s great, conversation style. It is like you are bench racing with your fellow gearheads, but the subjects are Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s Law, and The Power Formula, giving a much needed base of knowledge for your future wiring endeavors. Knowledge is power, technique is that power’s application, and isn’t that what all car nuts want, more power. Get some highlighters, you will need them.

  3. Ben Patton (verified owner)

    Very informative

  4. Alex Reed (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed reading this. I work with communications electronics, but this helped me understand 12v Auto electronics much better. Pay attention to the tips, tricks, and tool suggestions, because they definitely come in handy. Great job Tony!

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