Fuse Blocks / Fuse Panels & Fuse Holders

Fuse Blocks / Fuse Panels & Fuse Holders

We offer numerous different types of fuse blocks, fuse panels, and fuse holders to protect your work. All automotive electrical projects need to be properly protected: that means each and every circuit. These components will make your job that much easier.

ATC / ATO & MINI / ATM Fuse Blocks and Fuse Panels

ATC Fuse Holders

We offer ATC Fuses in up to 40A.

View our selection of ATC Fuses for any of the above Fuse Holders.

DIY Fuse Holders

Perfect for when building your own fuse holders to integrate into harnesses, wire looms, etc.

MAXI Style Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders

We offer MAXI Fuses from 20 to 100A.

View our selection of MAXI Fuses for use in all our MAXI Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders.

MEGA / AMG Fuse Holders

We offer MEGA / AMG Fuses from 80 to 300A.

View our selection of AMG / MEGA Fuses.

MIDI / AMI Style Fuse Blocks & Fuse Holders

We offer MIDI Fuses from 30 to 200A.

View our selection of MIDI Fuses for any of the above MIDI Fuse Blocks & Fuse Holders.

Marine Rated Battery Fuse (MRBF) Fuse Holders

We offer Marine Rated Battery Fuses from 30 to 200A.

View our selection of Marine Rated Battery Fuses.

ANL Style Fuse Holders

ANL style fuses and fuse holders are perfect for super-high-current accessories that require up to 500 Amps of protection. They can also be used on the charge lead of high-output alternators and to protect runs of cable between front and rear located batteries.

View our selection of ANL Fuses for use in our ANL Style Fuse Holders.

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