Basic MEGA / AMG Fuse Holder


Perfect if you’re on a budget!

This MEGA® / AMG Fuse Holder includes the fuse holder and a pair of Junction Stud / Starter Boots.  Available with 4 AWG, 2-1 AWG, 1/0 AWG, and 2/0 AWG Boots.

Studs: 5/16” Nickel Plated Brass

Connect to cable via: 5/16” eyelets

Rated for up to 250 Amps.  See below for complete specifications.

Cable, eyelets, heat shrink, and fuse not included, but sold separately!



Dimensions are as follows:

Base – 4.48″ x 1.23″ / 114mm x 31.3mm
Base to Top of Studs – 1.35″ / 34.2mm
Base to Top of Boots– 1.60″ / 40.5mm
Hardware to Mount – #10

Max Voltage – 48VDC
Max Current – 250A @ 12VDC



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