ATC Fuses


10 pack

These are the most commonly used in all of automotive and are popular when converting from an original wiring harness with glass fuses to an aftermarket wiring harness. There are MANY grades of these fuses on the market, many of which are just cheap junk. We offer only the highest quality fuses available.

Made by Littlefuse.  See the photos for Time vs Current failure charts.  Full specifications below.

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Type:  ATO / ATOF
Voltage Rating:  32VDC
Interrupt Rating:  1,000A @ 32VDC
Operating Temp:  -40 to +105 degC
Terminals / Element:  Tin-plated zinc alloy
Housing Material:  PA66
Compliances:  SAE J1284, ISO 8820-3, UL 248 Special Purpose Fuse


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