Circuit Breakers

We offer numerous different types of circuit breakers to protect your work. All automotive electrical projects need to be properly protected; that means each and every circuit. These components will make your job that much easier.

Low to Medium Current Circuit Breakers

Manual Re-settable Circuit Breakers require a manual reset when tripped.

Auto-resetting Circuit Breakers automatically reset within a short time of being tripped.

Either are perfect for protecting highly inductive loads like power seats, power windows, electric fuel pumps, electric water pumps, and electric fans without interrupting their normal operation.

UCB Circuit Breakers plug directly into ATC or ATO fuse holders and fuse panels. We also offer a complete auto-resetting Master Circuit Breaker Kit.

High CurrentĀ Circuit Breakers / Dual Circuit Breaker Kits

Need a Circuit Breaker designed to protect a super high current accessory? Or maybe, you’d like to protect a length of cable that runs through your vehicle. Either way, these breakers fit the bill! These breakers will pass 200% of their rating for 5 seconds, 150% of their rating for 10 seconds, and 100% of their rating for over 30 seconds. They include a valet type push-button that allows you to manually open them for safety or security.

Our Dual Circuit Breaker Kits are perfect for protecting the main power feed for rear-mounted battery systems.