Tapes & Adhesives

Tapes & Adhesives

Electrical Tape

We’ll make this simple. We only offer one kind of electrical tape. It’s the only kind of tape we use and/or endorse. We use it for everything, from insulating connections to wrapping harnesses. That tape is 3M Scotch Super 33+®.

We began using this tape in or around 1990 and we’ve used it ever since. THROW that generic tape away and you’ll be money ahead! For best results, you must have clean hands before using it.

We sell it by the roll or case.

Harness Tapes

CE Auto Electric Supply is proud to offer a variety of Tesa tape products.  Tesa products are used by the likes of Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc. in the manufacture of vehicles.  Tesa products are manufactured to OEM standards, provide a cost-no-object appearance, and are affordable.

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