Power Distribution Products

Power Distribution Products

Power Distribution Products sure make life EASY when you need to connect multiple cables or wires to a common point. Following are the most common uses for these products:


A Better Way to Distribute Power than the Stud on the Starter

RFD1 Power Distribution Block Installed in a 1941 Willys
In many cases, the OEMs use the battery terminal on the starter or starter solenoid for this. Let’s face it, most of us have exhaust modifications to our vehicles. Why then run all of your power cables to this point and subject them to the heat generated by the exhaust?

Heating copper increases it’s resistance, which then requires greater voltage to get the same amount of current to flow.

Here is an RFD1 installed in a 1941 Willys. It provides a convenient way to connect the rear mounted battery (1/0 AWG cable) to both the starter (2 AWG cable) and the charge lead from the alternator (4 AWG cable). Note that its protective cover is not installed in this photo.

RFD1 Power Distribution Block Installed in a 1941 Willys

A Convenient Place to Access Power Under the Hood

RFD4 installed in a 1991 Ford Mustang
Look under the hood of your vehicle. Chances are, you have a few square inches of real estate available to locate a convenient power distribution center. This will allow you to easily connect multiple high-current accessories, an auxiliary fuse panel, or both.

Take a look at this RFD4 installed in a 1991 Ford Mustang. This vehicle has one of our Battery Relocation Kits, which includes the RFD4. It provides a simple place to connect the rear-mounted battery (1/0 AWG cable) to the starter solenoid (4 AWG cable), and an auxiliary fuse panel (4 AWG cable). It has one additional output that could be used to provide power to a second auxiliary fuse panel or a high current accessory.

RFD4 installed in a 1991 Ford Mustang
RFD4 installed in a 1991 Ford Mustang

A Convenient Place to Distribute Power for any Project

Next is a pair of our 250 Amp Junction Studs.

In this application they are used to connect a pair of large circuit breakers together to double the current capacity of a single breaker. (As shown, they are also included in our Battery Relocation Kits.)

Finally, have a look at a combination of numerous power distribution products used to simplify a complex wiring installation that includes a relay center . Note the RFD1 on the left, one of our 75 Amp Terminal Blocks to it’s right, and one of our 30 amp Terminal Blocks in the middle. Finally, note the use of one of our Fused Distribution Blocks – all listed below.

Resettable Circuit Breakers Shown in Moroso Battery Box
Resettable Circuit Breakers Shown in Moroso Battery Box. Moroso Battery Box (pictured) not included.

Quite simply, these products will simplify your projects while keeping things in order. These are some of our most popular components!

Click on any of the pictures to view a high resolution version.

Combination of Products Simplifying a Complex Wiring Solution

Power Distribution Blocks

Fused Distribution Blocks

Junction Studs

Boots and Eyelets

We have a complete selection of boots and eyelets that work perfectly with our power distribution blocks and junction studs.

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