Battery Disconnect Switches

Battery Disconnect Switches

We stock a variety of high-quality battery disconnect switches (also referred to as Master ON/OFF disconnect switches) for your projects. Many sanctioning bodies require the use of a Master ON/OFF disconnect switch for any vehicle competing with a rear-located battery. This allows their safety team to quickly disconnect power to all vehicle accessories as well as turn off a running engine in the event of an accident.

Be sure and check out our Master ON/OFF Add-On Kits as they include all the wiring and parts required to easily add any of the our Master ON/OFF disconnect switches to any of our Battery Relocation kits and ensure that they work correctly. You’ll breeze through tech…

Need to brush up on your skills with switches? No problem. Chapter 4 of Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems covers switches–and how to put them to work–in-depth.

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