Booster Cables that Don’t Suck

2 AWG Booster Cables that Don't Suck
Our Booster Cables that Don’t Suck won’t leave you stranded! Click to see full-size picture.

It’s no secret, the quality of booster cables (or jumper cables as some may say) has really declined in the last few years. It’s really hard to find anything worth purchasing at your local auto parts store. Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) wire has no place here, so why are companies making their “quality” booster cables with it? Simple: to sell them cheaply and deceive you with a low price. Pass.

The last time I pulled out my store-bought 2 AWG booster cables to give someone a jump, I swore I’d never use them again. They’re inflexible, hard to get untwisted, hard to maneuver, and the clamps totally suck. It took me a few minutes of orienting the clamps just so that I could get them to bite on something. Once I did get the clamps on, they didn’t hold for squat. Worthless.

So, we’ve developed our own line of booster cables – Booster Cables that Don’t Suck to be more precise. We make no apologies as they are made of the highest quality parts we can get our hands on! Each kit is made in house to our exacting specifications with:

  • Our Pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) battery cable, which is tinned for corrosion resistance!
  • Tinned Copper Eyelets for all terminations, all of which are insulated with adhesive lined heat shrink to prevent break down of the terminations over time!
  • Super Heavy Duty Booster Clamps that work!

In addition, we solidly mount the cables to the booster clamps to eliminate stress on the terminations which will keep them in tip-top shape for years to come. Finally, we cover the cables in braided tubing for protection, ease of storage, and killer good looks. When you pull these cables out of your trunk, people will know you’re serious. This will be the last pair of booster cables you’ll ever need to purchase!

Standard Booster Cables that Don’t Suck

Booster clamps on each end – throw ’em in your trunk or under the seat.

Service Style Booster Cables that Don’t Suck

These are designed to be installed on service vehicles and permit jumps without raising the hood of the vehicle in which they are installed.