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When you heat copper, its resistance increases. That means, a given amount of voltage will cause LESS current to flow over a length of heated cable. For this reason, we always recommend sheathing harnesses or cables that have to run in close proximity to the radiator, block, exhaust manifolds, or those BIG DAWG headers. Unprotected cables are subject to increased resistance and a general breakdown of the plastic insulation protecting them. Either are a recipe for problems.

Remember the last time you pulled into the cruise, parked your vehicle, and let it sit while you check out the cool rides? An hour later, you come back to go to the drive-thru, and it just won’t start – either your starter, the primary starter cable, or even the trigger wire to the starter solenoid (or all) is heat-soaked.

What this means, is that your battery is simply unable to overcome the additional resistance caused by the heat from the exhaust. Sheathing the cables with hi-temperature wire covering is an
excellent way to prevent this.

Hi-Temperature Wire Covering Near Headers
Massive headers? We run 'em too!

Our covering is split down the middle, so installation is a snap:

  1. Cut to length with a scissors or shop shears
  2. Slide the covering around or over the cable or harness to be protected
  3. Remove the plastic covering over the adhesive layers
  4. Pull the covering closed tightly
  5. Stick the adhesive to the covering

This takes seconds and the results are an excellent barrier to heat!

For a super clean finish, you can also heat shrink the covering to the cable or harness.

Hi-Temperature Wire Covering Detail

Hi-Temperature Wire Covering

Hi-Temperature Wire Covering is sold in 4 foot lengths
and rated to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot Start Relay Kit

Our ALL NEW Hot Start Relay Kit is designed to eliminate
difficult starting from heat soaking the starter solenoid and / or trigger wire!

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