Hi-Temperature Wire Covering


Rated to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit – complete specifications listed below.

Sold in 4 foot lengths in the following sizes:

1/4″ ID – fits our 8 AWG and 6 AWG Cable
3/8″ ID – fits our 4 AWG Cable
1/2″ ID – fits our 2 AWG Cable
5/8″ ID – fits our 1/0 AWG and 2/0 AWG Cable
3/4″ ID
1″ ID
1 1/4″ ID
1 1/2″ ID



Heat reflective aluminum laminated fiberglass
Self wrap and seal overlap with high temperature adhesive strip
Resists gasoline and engine chemicals
Cut and abrasion resistant
Cuts cleanly with scissors
Halogen free
Deflects radiant heat up to 1,400 degF!
Able to reduce heat transmission into hoses, harnesses, or cables by up to 50% or more!


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