Weatherpack 22-position Bulkhead Connector


This 22-position Weatherpack Bulkhead Connector is the perfect solution for a firewall harness quick disconnect.  Accommodates up to 12 AWG wire and can handle up to 20A per terminal.  Waterproof with all terminal locations occupied with terminals or cavity plugs.

Includes Male, Female, and (4) Secondary Locks.  Dimensions below.

Compatible with any combination of 20-18 AWG, 16-14 AWG, and 12AWG Terminals and cavity plugs – all offered separately, also below.


Mounting hole:  2″ ID
Mounting points:  1/4″ studs, spaced 2 13/16″ on center
Mounting surface thickness:  up to 7/32″
Depth of firewall mounted Female Connector:  13/16″ not including wiring
Depth of Male Connector:  1 7/8″ not including wiring

Includes serrated nuts for mounting.