XS Power 1005 12/14/16V Battery Intellicharger

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This is the one we use.  You’ll toss your other battery chargers in the trash after a week of owning this one.

Compatible with 12V / 14V / 16V flooded, maintenance free, deep cycle, gel-cell, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries.

Features and specifications provided below.


The IntelliCHARGER is an advanced battery charger designed specifically for high performance lead-acid batteries. This charger combines the reliability of a transformer and MOSFET rectifier assembly with an advanced microprocessor control board to create a battery charger that can rapidly and safely recharge 12V, 14V and 16V flooded, maintenance free, deep cycle, gel-cell, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries in several sizes. The front panel switches, LED indicators, and charge meter make the IntelliCHARGER very easy to use.

Multi-Stage Charging

At the heart of the technology in the XS Power IntelliCHARGER are the three distinct charging stages. During the first stage, called “Bulk” charging, the current is fixed according to the charge rate switch on the front panel and the voltage is allowed to float. During this stage, 80% of the battery’s capacity is restored.

When the battery’s cell voltage comes up to the correct level, the second stage called “Absorption” charging is engaged. During this stage the voltage is fixed according to the battery type and voltage switches on the front panel and the current is allowed to float. The battery is brought to 100% during this stage and the cells are equalized.

The third stage is float charging. During this stage the voltage and current are reduced to a level that will maintain the battery indefinitely.

Several microprocessors are used to tightly control the entire process. This is the same technique that battery manufacturers recommend and use in the production of new batteries and it is the fastest and safest technique for battery charging.

Compatible With All 12V, 14V &16V AGM and Gel-Cell Batteries

Lead-acid batteries have different charging requirements based on their specific design. Flooded and maintenance free batteries require a higher voltage per cell than do sealed valve regulated types such as AGM and gel-cell batteries. Overcharging will reduce the life of any battery as sealed valve regulated batteries are especially sensitive to high charging voltages and overcharging. Some sealed valve regulated batteries are more sensitive to overcharging than others. If in doubt as to which battery setting to use for your application, contact the manufacturer of the battery being charged. Overcharging an AGM or gel-cell battery will cause permanent damage.

Output Display

The battery charger features a digital output dispaly allowing the user to monitor the volts and amps.

Voltage Monitoring

The battery’s terminal voltage is measured every five minutes by the on board microprocessors and this information is analyzed in addition to the elapsed time to dynamically control the Battery Charger for optimum charging performance.

Automatic Computer Analysis/Auto Shutdown

The microprocessors will analyze the battery when connected. If the battery’s voltage is below 4V or the battery will not come up to the correct voltage in a ten-hour period the charger will automatically shut off.

UL Approved Battery Cables

Six feet of durable battery cables are provided that are resistant to cuts and abrasion. The copper plated battery clamps are compact and custom designed easy connections. All clamp connections are soldered for maximum current flow.

Internal Cooling Fan

A cooling fan automatically operates during charging to keep the transformer and other internal components at a constant safe temperature.

Specifications & Dimensions

Physical Specifications
– Dimensions ………………….. 8 5/8” W x 7” H x 11 1/8” D
Weight …………………………. 24 lbs (10.87 kg)
AC Input Connections …….. 5.0’ (1.5 m) AWG 16
DC Output Connections …… 6.0’ (1.8 m) AWG 10

Electrical Specifications
12V 14V 16V
– Absorption Voltage …………. 14.40 VDC … 16.80 VDC … 19.20 VDC
– Float Voltage at no Load ….. 13.56 VDC … 15.82 VDC … 18.08 VDC
– Maximum Output Voltage … 14.40 VDC … 16.80 VDC … 19.20 VDC

AC input specifications
– AC Input Voltage ……………. 120VAC, 50/60Hz or 230VAC, 50/60Hz
– AC Input Current ……………. 10A RMS fuse protected

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