150 Amp Alternator Installation Kit

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Our 47 piece 150 Amp Alternator Installation Kit is designed for those on a budget that are looking for the best bang for the buck. This kit is designed to eke every amp of performance out of your 140- or 150-Amp alternator and do so without breaking the bank. Compare this to the standard 6 foot chunk of 8 AWG that most sell as their “High Output Alternator Installation Kit.”

Complete product description below, including how to choose the correct kit!



Product Improvement – All Kits Now Include Translucent Black Ground Cables!

Our 3.5 foot Top Post Kit Includes the following:

Pre-Assembled Cables

  • (1) 3.5 foot 4 AWG Translucent RED Charge Lead Cable with Integrated Fuse Holder, terminated with a 1/4” eyelet on one end and a 3/8″ eyelet on the other*
  • (1) 3 foot long 4 AWG Translucent BLACK Ground Cable, terminated with a 3/8” eyelet on each end*
  • (1) 2 1/2 foot long 4 AWG Translucent BLACK Ground Cable, terminated with a 3/8” eyelet on each end
  • (1) 2 foot long 8 AWG Translucent BLACK Ground Cable, terminated with a 3/8” eyelet on each end

*The 4.5 foot kit includes an additional foot of length for each of the two underlined cables listed above. The 5.5 foot kit includes an additional two feet of length for each of these cables.

Battery Clamps and Boots

  • (2) Super Heavy Duty Battery Military Style Battery Clamps – each will accommodate multiple large gauge cables (Boots available separately for $6.95 each for RED or BLACK)
  • (1) 1/0 AWG Ring Boot


We’ve integrated an ANL Style Fuse Holder into the charge lead. It includes a 150 Amp ANL Style Fuse. Most OEM charge leads have a fusible link on them. Its purpose is to protect on-board electronics in the event that the regulator fails and causes “voltage run-away.” Fusing the charge lead provides the same protection for your larger than stock alternator.

General Hardware

Each kit includes a complete assortment of Grade 5 hardware and cable ties required to complete the installation, including zinc plated internal/external star washers for all ground connections. Also Included is a complete assortment of hardware that permits easy connection to any alternator, as we include both SAE and metric bolts. You absolutely, positively will not have to run to the hardware store to install this kit!

Step By Step Instructions

Each kit includes complete step by step instructions in full color so that your installation goes smoothly! They’re super easy to install and require only common hand tools to install them.

How to Determine Which Length Kit You Need

To determine which length kit you need, measure the distance from the alternator output stud to the battery positive terminal taking into account a nice smooth run for the cable and that you need to mount the fuse holder within 18″ of the battery. For example, if you measure 4 feet 1 inches, you will need a 4.5 foot kit.


Add Boots for the Battery Terminals

We stock the impossible to find Military Style Battery Boots. These boots give your installation a super clean look.


Adding an auxiliary battery has never been easier. Our “Add-A-Battery” Kits include all of the cables, parts, and hardware required to easily add a rear-located auxiliary battery to our Alternator Installation Kits!

2 reviews for 150 Amp Alternator Installation Kit

  1. Gordon Crabtree (verified owner)

    The product was exceptional. High Quality and as advertised. Everything came together as advertised. Flexible wiring and excellent connections. Thanks for giving me the power I needed.

  2. William Collins (verified owner)

    Excellent quality parts and directions. Included everything that is needed for the install. I highly recommend this kit and will use it again in the future

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