Exciter Disconnect Harness Kit


This kit is required to pass tech when using a battery disconnect switch with an alternator with a traditionally wired regulator.  This also requires the Moroso 74102 Super Duty Battery Disconnect Switch.  When connected as shown in the diagram, the disconnect switch will disable a running vehicle.  Contents listed below.

Offered in 17ft and 20ft lengths.


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Kit includes the following:

17 or 20 foot pre-loomed harness with dual 14 AWG TXL Wiring
(2) 16-14 AWG Heat Shrinkable Butt Connectors*
(2) 16-14 to 22-18 AWG Heat Shrinkable Step-Down Butt Connectors*
(12) 5.75″ wire ties

*You’ll use one or the other to interface the harness, depending on the size of the wiring in the regulator harness.

See our Battery Disconnects 101 primer for more information.


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