Packard Series Crimp Tool – 8913440


This is the OEM spec tool manufactured by Delphi / Aptiv for crimping Packard 56 and 59 Series Terminals.  It crimps Packard 56 and 59 Series male and female terminals perfectly.

This is compatible with male and female terminals from 20-14 AWG.  Terminals are crimped in one stage – electrical and mechanical.  One crimp and done.  See below for precise instructions on usage.

Delphi / Aptiv Part #8913440

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  1.  Open the jaws fully.
  2.  Raise the wire stop.
  3. Insert the terminal into the correct nest, as follows:
    A – 20-18 AWG Female when crimping 20 AWG wire
    B – 20-18 AWG Male & 20-18 AWG Female when crimping 18 AWG wire
    C – 16-14 AWG Males & Females
  4. Lower the wire stop.
  5. Orient the terminal in the nest so that it butts against the wire stop.
  6. Close the jaws down to the top of the terminal openings.
  7. Insert the stripped wire until it hits the wire stop.
  8. Perform the crimp.

When crimping male terminals, it’s imperative to center the terminal over the nests in such a way that you do not bend the stops on either side of the terminals while performing the crimps.  This is easiest to do during Step 5.


  1. 5 out of 5

    Ed Clerkin (verified owner)

    This tool is a must have to properly crimp Packard 56/59 terminals common to classic GM vehicles. Pay attention to terminal orientation in the crimper – wire insertion is left to right with the wire stop located on the right.

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