Spal Fan to Metri-Pack 630 Adapter Harness


This 2-wire adapter harness is designed to adapt an electric fan harness with a Spal Fan Female Connector to an electric fan with a Metri-Pack 630 Series male connector.  12″ long.  This is plug and play.

Please view all photos.  Full specifications are below.


One side of the harness has a Spal fan male connector and the other side has a Metri-Pack 630 Series female connector.  Wiring is 10 AWG TXL, crimped and soldered to minimize voltage drop.  Rated to 40A.

Spal Fan Connector Specifics
Current Range:  Up to 40A
Terminal:  Tin plated brass
Blade Width:  6.3mm

Metri-Pack 630 Specifics
Manufacturer:  Delphi / Aptiv
Current Range:  Up to 46A
Temperature Range:  -40degC to 125degC
Voltage Drop:  <3.0mV per Amp
Centerline Spacing:  10.8mm
Blade Width:  6.3mm


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