Waterproof Grommets


Waterproof grommets are perfect for passing the following through a metal barrier, into a project box, into a metal enclosure, etc.

  • cable
  • loomed, sheathed, taped, covered wiring harnesses
  • sheathed multi-conductor wire

23/32″ – fits our 8 AWG and 6 AWG Cable
13/16″ – fits our 4 AWG Cable
7/8″ – fits our 2 AWG Cable
1 7/64″ – fits our 1/0 AWG and 2/0 AWG Cable

Select a size to view all dimensions, including the cable OD (in inches and mm) that each will accommodate.  To ensure a proper fit, please measure the OD of the cable, harness, or loom you intend to pass through it.

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