9005/9006 Headlight Relay Kits


For vehicles with a single filament 9005 high beam and a single filament 9006 low beam mounted on each side. It is compatible with bulbs of up to 200 Watts per filament.


This kit includes the following:

  • (1) Pre-assembled Harness, loomed in Semi-Rigid Split Braid tubing, and terminated with OEM connectors
  • (2) 40 Amp Hella Waterproof Relays
  • (1) Waterproof ATC Style Fuse Holder & 30 Amp ATC fuse
  • All hardware required to install it

You absolutely, positively will not have to run to the hardware store to install this kit. How do we know? Simple. We’ve actually installed them ourselves.


9005/9006 Daytime Running Lamp Adapter

Is your vehicle outfitted with Daytime Running Lamps? No problem – this adapter plugs in between the stock headlight connector and our relay harness, preserving the functionality of the DRLs. Only one is required for the HRK6 kit.

This adapter is compatible with 9005, 9006, 9145, and H10 bulbs. It can also be used with aftermarket HID and LED conversion kits, one required for each bulb connected to the DRL circuit.

Headlight Relay Kit Extensions

In some vehicles, the battery is in a location at which the harness will not reach both it and the headlights. In these cases, a Headlight Relay Kit Extension is required. These extensions are designed to plug directly into the harness of either the HRK1 or HRK2 to extend the main power lead. No special tools are required to install them.

Each kit includes a pre-assembled extension covered in split braided tubing as well as cable ties for an absolutely neat installation.


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