4-Wire Relay Socket

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Compatible with our TYCO30, TYCO40, or any traditional SPST or SPDT relay.

Pigtail: 12″ long
Coil Wires: 16 AWG GPT
Switch Wires: 10 AWG TXL

This socket lacks the N.C. wire, which simplifies the installation in applications that do not require it.

2 reviews for 4-Wire Relay Socket

  1. Busalman (verified owner)

    Solid construction and great quality The component has been used for Chevrolet Tahoe fans in perfect condition Thank you for everything

  2. Chris Hill

    Already went thru 12 of these for our high power auto fuel pump hot wire kits for very high power fuel pumps requiring relays and sockets that can supply 50 amps, which none of the mass produced thin gauge SPDT relay sockets can do, they melt. I build the hotwire kits in house and have sold 500 of our regular 30 amp kits but with the higher power ethanol pumps the cheap china mass produced sockets were melting due to impedance drop/amp draw heat issues. NO issues with this relay socket, they are very high quality and a bargain at $8.95

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