Master Metri-Pack 280 Series Connector Kit


Our 628-piece Master Metri-Pack 280 Series Connector Kit contains 628 pieces of the parts required to assemble your own Metri-Pack 280 Series Connectors.  It comes in a deluxe organizer with removable plastic bins which allows you to bring only the parts you require into the vehicle.

This kit is ideal for those enthusiasts or shops that do a myriad of electrical projects.

Parts breakout and correct crimping tool below.


(5) 2-position female bodies
(5) 2-position male bodies
(10) 2-position terminal position assurance locks
(5) 3-position female bodies
(5) 3-position male bodies
(10) 3-position terminal position assurance locks
(5) 4-position female bodies
(5) 4-position male bodies
(10) 4-position terminal position assurance locks
(5) 5-position female bodies
(5) 5-position male bodies
(10) 5-position terminal position assurance locks
(2) 6-position female bodies*
(2) 6-position terminal position assurance locks*
(2) 6-position hood*
(2) tree mounting clips*
(25) plug body locks
(40) 20-16 AWG female terminals
(40) 20-16 AWG male terminals
(40) 14-12 AWG female terminals
(40) 14-12 AWG male terminals
(40) 12-10 AWG female terminals
(40) 12-10 AWG male terminals
(80) 20-16 AWG seals (green)
(80) 14-12 AWG seals (gray)
(80) 12-10 AWG seals (blue)
(40) cavity plugs

*parts used to assemble 3-position MINI fuse / MINI diode holders

Crimping Tools


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