Fusible Link Cable Builder

Fusible Link Cable Builder

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Please Note:

    • Total Cable Length is defined as the distance between the centers of the eyelets or ends. So, a 35-inch cable will measure 35 inches between the centers of the eyelets if there are eyelets at both ends, 35 inches from the center of the eyelet to the bare end if there is an eyelet on only one end, or 35 inches from bare end to bare end if there is no eyelet on either end.
    • The fusible link itself will always measure approximately 6 inches of cut length, before parts.
    • The shortest fusible link cable we can build measures 12 inches in length due to the real estate taken up by the heat shrink, parts, and the inflexibility of shorter cables.
    • Turnaround time on custom cables at present is one business day but many ship the very same day!


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Have fun and build away!

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