70A Dual Fan Relay Kit – Carbureted with Deluxe Trigger


This kit is for vehicles with carburetors with or without air conditioning.  This completely waterproof kit installs easily and plugs directly into your electric fans via a standard fan plugs – of which most of the major fan manufacturers use.  Harnesses dressed in Split Braided Tubing for that show car look!

Triggering offers three modes via dash mounted switch:  ON/OFF/AUTO (see specifications below for specifics).  Powers fans requiring up to 35A continuously with minimal voltage drop!

Includes full color step-by-step instructions and all hardware shown.

Full specifications outlined below.



Wiring to Battery: Dual 10 AWG TXL, terminated with a 5/16″ eyelet
Wiring to Fans: Dual 10 AWG TXL pairs, terminated with OEM style fan plugs
Continuous Current Handling Ability: 35A per fan for a total of 70A
Typical Voltage Drop through wiring when driving a pair of 16″ fans requiring 25A continuous each with 13.8 VDC of input:

  • Immediately after power up: 380mV or 2.8%
  • After 30 minutes of continuous operation: 430mV or 3.1%
  • After 1 hour of continuous operation:  440mV or 3.2%

Triggering is as follows:

  • Dash mounted switch provides three modes:
    • ON – fans ON any time the ignition switch is in the RUN position
    • AUTO – fully automatic via thermostatic switch
    • OFF – fans OFF
  • Fully automatic via air conditioning (fans come on when A/C compressor is running)

Thermostatic Switch Specifics:

  • 185 degF ON / 175degF OFF
  • Threads are 3/8″ NPT
  • Incluces 1/2″ NPT adapter

Dimensions of Relay Module with mounting bracket installed:  3″ x 3 1/8″ x 2″ (76.2mm x 79.38mm x 50.8mm)

Harness Lengths:

  • Power Harness to Battery:  3ft
  • Output Harness to Fans:  3ft
  • Thermostatic Switch Harness:  4ft
  • A/C Harness:  5ft
  • Switched Power Harness:  6ft


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