Master JCASE Fuse Kit


Our 24-piece Master JCASE™ Fuse Kit includes a nice assortment of very high quality Littlefuse JCASE™ cartridge fuses in a compact organizer.  Perfect for small projects!  These are of the tall variety and are the perfect fit for our Littlefuse MTR Series JCASE™ & MINI™ Fuse PDC.

Contents and specifications listed below.

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The Master JCASE™ Fuse Kit contains the following (24) pieces:

(4) 20 Amp JCASE™ Fuses, Tall
(4) 25 Amp JCASE™ Fuses, Tall
(4) 30 Amp JCASE™ Fuses, Tall
(4) 40 Amp JCASE™ Fuses, Tall
(4) 50 Amp JCASE™ Fuses, Tall
(4) 60 Amp JCASE™ Fuses, Tall

The JCASE™ is a cartridge style fuse with female terminal design, providing both increased time delay and low voltage drop to protect high current circuits and handle inrush currents. The JCASE™ was designed and patented by Littelfuse.

JCASE™ fuses have similar failure characteristics to fusible links, which is why you’ll find them under the hood of modern vehicles.  In addition, they’re far easier to replace.


Type:  JCASE
Voltage Rating:  32VDC
Interrupt Rating:  1,000A @ 32VDC
Operating Temp:  -40 to +125 degC

Time vs Current Characteristics (min / max)

  • 110% of rating – 360,000 sec minimum
  • 135% of rating – 60 sec / 1800 sec
  • 200% of rating – 4 sec / 60 sec
  • 350% of rating – .2 sec / 7 sec
  • 600% of rating – .04 sec / 1 sec

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