Side Post Deluxe Charging System Upgrade Kits 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 4 AWG

Product Improvement – All Kits Now Include Translucent Black Ground Cables!

Our 46 piece deluxe kits are the most comprehensive charging system upgrade available.

Our 3-Foot Side Post Kit Includes the Following

Pre-Assembled Cables

Side Post Deluxe Charging System Upgrade Kit
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  • (1) 3 foot long Translucent RED Charge Lead Cable*, terminated with a 5/16” eyelet on one end only
  • (1) 3 foot long Translucent BLACK Ground Cable*, terminated with a 3/8” eyelet on each end
  • (1) 2 1/2 foot long Translucent BLACK Ground Cable*, terminated with a 3/8” eyelet on one end only
  • (1) 4 foot long 8 AWG Translucent Black Ground Cable, terminated with a 1/4″ eyelet on each end

*Either 4 AWG, 2 AWG, or 1/0 AWG depending on the kit you choose

The 4 foot kit includes an additional foot of length for the red charge lead cable and black ground cable. The 5 foot kit includes an additional two feet of length for each of those cables.

Battery Clamps, Adapters, and Boots

  • (2) Super Heavy Duty Battery Clamps with dual 1/0 AWG and dual 8 AWG Inputs – these fit either positive (+) or negative (-) battery posts and include injection molded plastic covers to insulate them
  • (1) Set of Side Post Adapters – includes one positive (+) adapter, one negative (-) adapter, and all hardware required to install them on any side post battery
  • (1) 1/0 AWG Ring Boot

General Hardware

Each kit includes a complete assortment of Grade 5 hardware and cable ties required to complete the installation, including zinc-plated internal/external star washers for all ground connections. Also included is a complete assortment of hardware that permits easy connection to any alternator, as we include both SAE and metric bolts. You absolutely, positively will not have to run to the hardware store to install this kit!

Step By Step Instructions

Each kit includes complete step-by-step instructions in full color so that your installation goes smoothly! They’re super easy to install and require only common hand tools to install them.

How to Determine Which Length Kit You Need

To determine which length kit you need, measure the distance from the alternator output stud to the battery positive terminal taking into account a nice smooth run for the cable. For example, if you measure 3 feet 4 inches, you will need a 4 foot kit.