2/0 AWG Big 3 Upgrade Kit for Side Post Batteries


The most popular car audio upgrade in the world: the Big 3! We’ve been doing this LONG before it even had a name (think 1990 or so), so it only made sense that we’d build and offer the best kit money can buy!

Our 2/0 AWG Big 3 Upgrade Kits are suitable for alternators making over 300A of output!

To determine which length kit you need, measure the distance from the alternator output stud to the battery positive terminal taking into account a nice smooth run for the cable. For example, if you measure 3 feet 4 inches, you will need a 4 foot kit.



Read our white paper, The Truth about the Big 3 Upgrade so you can learn the real benefit and understand exactly why we do it the way we do it.

“All top notch and worth every penny. You will not be disappointed.” – David B., Orlando, FL

Our Big 3 Upgrade Kits address the following:

  • Upgrade the charge lead from the alternator output stud to the battery
  • Upgrade the return path between the alternator and vehicle ground
  • Upgrade the return path between the battery negative (-) and the vehicle ground
  • Provide a low resistance return path for high current amplifiers

We offer Big 3 Upgrade Kits for Top Post Batteries and Side Post Batteries. If you own a vehicle with a rear mounted battery, we can custom build a kit to suit you.


Option 1: Fuse the Charge Lead

Most OEM charge leads have a fusible link on them. Its purpose is to protect on-board electronics in the event that the regulator fails and causes “voltage run-away.” Although this is quite uncommon, fusing the charge lead included in any of our kits provides the same protection for your larger than stock alternator.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    steven ackerman (verified owner)

    The last week or so I’ve been searching for the big 3 setup and I went through a few other places but every time I ended back at CE auto electric and I’m so happy I went with them. This big 3 kit is worth every penny and them some , if quality/professional is what your looking for this kit is what your looking for!!! I look forward to making more purchases in the future .

  2. 5 out of 5

    George (verified owner)

    Highest quality products on the market. I have ordered several items and everything is top of the line. If you need help or info about automotive electrical read Tony’s books they’re amazing.

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