9005/9006 Headlight Relay Kits

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9005/9006 Headlight Relay Kit
Our Headlight Relay Kits are incredibly simple to install!

If you own a modern vehicle and you’d also like to improve its lighting, you’re in luck. Our newly introduced 9005 / 9006 headlight relay kit is just what the doctor ordered!

So how do you improve your vehicle’s lighting? Should you replace the headlights? Replace them with higher wattage units? Actually neither . . . and higher wattage bulbs could actually damage your wiring harness – a bad thing!

Our Headlight Relay Kits are designed to allow your stock headlights to perform to their fullest. Our 18 piece kits are plug-and-play and include everything you need to install them.

Hella Waterproof Relays in Use
Close Up of the Hella 40 Amp Waterproof Relays

An easy way to tell if your stock headlights are not performing optimally is if they appear to have a yellow hue to them when the vehicle is running. This is an indication that they are not getting the power from the vehicle’s electrical system that they require to work properly.

The “yellowness” is caused because the vehicle wiring harness, the headlight switch, the HI/LOW beam switch, and the connectors to the headlights themselves experience wear over time. This causes a loss of voltage and excessive heat in the headlight circuit resulting in dim headlights.

Our Headlight Relay kits totally eliminate the voltage drop (and resulting heat) caused by this by allowing your stock components and wiring harness to power only the coils of the relays – these require approximately 2% of the power that a pair of headlights requires! The net result is that your headlights will work like new – even better than new. After the installation, your stock headlights will be bleach white with the vehicle running!

Installation is plug-and-play and does not require cutting or splicing into your stock wiring harness. You’ll wonder how you got along without it!

HRK5 – for vehicles with a single filament 9005 high beam and a single filament 9006 low beam mounted on each side. It is compatible with bulbs of up to 200 Watts per filament.

This kit includes the following:

  • (1) Pre-assembled Harness, loomed in Semi-Rigid Split Braid tubing, and terminated with OEM connectors
  • (2) 40 Amp Hella Waterproof Relays
  • (1) Waterproof ATC Style Fuse Holder & 30 Amp ATC fuse
  • All hardware required to install it

You absolutely, positively will not have to run to the hardware store to install this kit. How do we know? Simple – because we’ve actually installed them ourselves.