250 Amp Junction Stud With Hardware


3/8″ Stainless Steel* Stud, handles 250A continuously

Includes the following Stainless Steel hardware:
3/8″ Lock Washer
3/8″ Nut (coarse)

Sold in RED, BLACK, or PAIRS!

Full specifications provided below.

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Marine Grade:  Yes
Stud Material: Stainless Steel*
Stud Size: 3/8-16
Stud Length: 11/16″ (17.5mm)
Current Capacity: 250 Amps continuous
Base Dimensions (max):  2 3/32″ x 1″ (53.3mm x 25.4mm)
Mounting Holes:  #10 screws,  1 3/8″ on center (35mm on center)

*As with all Stainless Steel hardware, we recommend the use of anti-seize when assembling to prevent galling. 


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