CE Auto Electric Supply Manual Resetting Circuit Breakers


Our manual resetting circuit breakers are ideal for loads with large inrush current that must pass without tripping the circuit.  They will typically pass 200% of their rating for 5 seconds, 150% of their rating for 10 seconds, and 100% of their rating for over 30 seconds. They include a valet type push-button that allows you to manually open them for safety or security.

Accepts 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, and 4 AWG cable.  Reducers are included for 2 AWG or 4 AWG cable.

Recommended cable size for the 150 Amp breaker is 2 AWG!
Recommended cable size for the 200 Amp breaker is 1/0 AWG!




Voltage Range – 12-24VDC
Current vs time to trip @ 20 degC +/- 5degC:
100% of rating – 20-180s to trip
150% of rating – 6-40s to trip
200% of rating – 4-25s to trip

Dimensions:  See pictures for drawing.

When installing these, we recommend using the reducers when applicable to achieve the best engagement of the set screws into the cable.  After mounting the unit, put threadlocker blue on the threads of the set screws and tighten with a long-handled ratchet.


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