Moroso 74106 Push OFF Battery Disconnect Switch


Moroso 74106

This Moroso Switch is ideal for installations which do not have the space for a traditional Push/Pull Disconnect Kit.  It is rated to handle 500A Continuously and 10x that on surges!

Twist ON, Push OFF.  Specifications and dimensions provided below.


Type: SPST, Push OFF

Continuous Current Rating,  12VDC Systems:  500 Amps
Surge Current Rating, 12VDC Systems:  5000 Amps

Continuous Current Rating, 24VDC Systems:  250 Amps
Surge Current Rating, 24VDC Dystems:  2500 Amps

Secondary Switch: NO

Stud Size: (1) Pair 3/8-16

Mounting Depth:  3″ behind panel to end of studs

Mounting Hole:  2.1″ (template included)

Width of Mounting Bracket:  4.7″

Height of Mounting Bracket:  2.55″


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