Gen 1 Dodge Diesel Truck Battery Cable Kit

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Options and full specifications provided below.

This kit fits 1981-1993 Dodge Trucks with the 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine.  These trucks originally came with a single battery.  Cable size is 2/0 AWG for maximum current transfer!  This kit offers improved cranking power and performance over stock cables, especially worn out ones.




The short black stub and the 2-position pink/tan connector assy incorporated into the stock positive cable assy are proprietary parts and no longer available – we’ve combed every salvage yard in the US for them.  So, we have two options:

Option 1 – We ship you the cable kit with a new positive cable assy, a Military Battery Terminal, and the eyelets / heat shrink you’ll need to connect these two proprietary parts to the new assy.  This is the option you’ll choose if you need to keep the truck in service.   The negative cable assy is at is appears in the photo.

Option 2 – You mail us your positive battery cable assy, we’ll remove the parts we need, and we’ll build you a new positive cable assy as shown in the photo.  Bonus – if you elect to do this, we’ll also put a new heat shrinkable eyelet on the brown wire to the starter and wrap the positive cable assy in Tesa PET harness tape.  The negative cable assy is at is appears in the photo.


This Cable Kit is made to fit your truck perfectly from the following Components:

  • Super Thick Tin Plated Straight Crimp Battery Terminals – won’t crack or break like the original lead terminals!
  • 2/0 AWG CE Auto Electric Supply tinned Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Battery Cable – 5,929 Strands
  • Super Thick Tin Plated MEGA Eyelets
  • Large gauge terminations dressed in our Super Thick Adhesive Lined MEGA Heat Shrink
  • Small gauge terminations dressed in our Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing

Includes a complete complement of hardware for a smooth installation, including a pair of anti-corrosive battery washers.

1 review for Gen 1 Dodge Diesel Truck Battery Cable Kit

  1. Ryan Pebbles

    Awesome product, well made. I had to look everywhere to get these. Thsese are very rare. Very friendly customer service, couldn’t ask for more.

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